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Mulino Val d’Orcia was born 10 years ago almost for fun from a Luchino’s intuitive idea. Luchino, father of family, decides to buy the mill and a little mixer so Amedeo, Luchino's son, begin to take part in short distribution chain in order to let people know his own products and thanks to success obtained, to passion and dedication, this idea born for fun, has became an excellence: a productive reality sole on territory.

Farm Grappi Luchino produces with organic method from 1992 in the municipal district of Pienza, in the heart of Val d'Orcia, elected UNESCO patrimony for the beauty of landscape and the balance between nature and human activity.

Our farm is a family ­run business and extend for more that 100 hectares: 85 of that arable where we till cereals as durum wheat, soft wheat, spelts, oats, barleys in rotation with broad bean as chickpeas, lentils, beans and clover, 5 hectares were used as olive trees and wine cultivation.

Our history sinks root in the sharecroppers tradition and passion and love for land is handed down from one generation to another, so the mill rise in the structure that long ago hold our sharecropper grand parents farm tools warehouse, as much as our agritourisms rise in the farm structure that, long ago holds barns, stables and houses, restores according to Siena countryside tradition. 

Lovely Laura welcomes guest in our agritourism: Castello di Spedaletto, Lamone e Lamino. They can see and live our farm, visit estate, mill and artisanal pasta factory and follow short distribution chain. Our guests can also taste our products both in the morning at breakfast and in the evening at dinner on delicious feasts prepared by Palmina.
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Mulino val d'orcia
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