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Our pasta’s real surplus value is to be exclusively realized with our land's grain, cultivated with organic method from 20 years..

Produced with stone milled flour in our farm mill, bronze-cut and dry slowly and at low temperature, Val d'Orcia mill's pasta is an artisan product, extremely porous, with a characteristic amber colored and unique taste!

In addition to taste, our pasta is very healthy because it's rich in minerals, fibers, antioxidant and vitamines of which germ is rich. Integral wheat­based consuption, better if organic, improve glycemic index and contribute to lipid absorption. Our target is stimulate a conscious diet able to recover and bring daily again wholesome cereals in our table as we do at home.

Thanks to several years of experience and close knowledge of our land and production, we manage to obtain optimal recipe combining organic durum wheat bran "Senatore Cappelli" and organic soft wheat flour "Verna". We also produce pasta of other cereals.

Before being pasta craftsman we are farmer and this create unique and different products.We take care of all production cycle from the beginning to the end!

The pasta machine is inside the mill just a few feet from our fields and in our pasta there is all our land, our work and our passion. For informations, suggestions and news visit our blog

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