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Stone Milling

Our farm represent the symbol of short distribution chain: organic grains we produce in Val d'Orcia are ground in a stone milling and trasformed in pasta in our mill in Pienza.

Mulino Val d’Orcia rise along Francigena rout near the old Spedaletto Castle, shelter for wayfarer which, in the Middle Ages, wanted to get to Rome from all over Europe, in the XV century. Castle was readapted in a granary, a real fortified farm. The mill, with millstone, rise in this context, rich in history and tradition.

To preserve tradition, we cultivate old variedness of precious grain with advantage of taste and nutritional contest as soft wheat Verna variety, particulary advisble for people who suffers from food intolerance, or durum wheat as Senatore Cappelli variety, excellent for pasta production. Grain will grind in our mill after a carefull selection.

The main characteristic of stone mill is to mill the whole grain at low speed that reduces overheating of the millstone and flour without damage lipid vitamin property. Milling the whole grain we can also preserve germ in the external part. Grain germ contains nutritional substances really valuable as vitamin E and B, mineral salts as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, fibers and antioxidant that, with industrial refining process would be lost.

 Products obtained by organic stone milled flour assure a more wholesome and wellbalanced nutrition, and preserve an authentic taste and characteristic flavor.

Nothing compares to industrial flour: must try it to believe it!

We invite you visit our mill, you could see millstone working and listen to a detailed explanation of every characteristics of flour milling, pasta production and every our products. Amedeo is waiting for you!

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Mulino val d'orcia
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